New Year, New Hair

It is the last day in December and people all over the world are getting ready to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new one. With this enthusiastic welcome to 2016 comes hope, excitement and a whole lot of motivation to make their lives better, and why not? Without hope and motivation, not a lot of things would get done and not many changes would happen.

 One of the biggest resolutions for the New Year will inevitably be the promise of a new body shape and, for as many ‘New Years’ as I can remember, I will be one of those individuals that will jump head first into healthy eating and regular visits to the gym.

The problem though with trying to lose weight is that it is not a quick result, and quick results are what you need to make these resolutions stick; to witness a difference straight away…a visual change to go with your promise of a new you.

With wanting to lose weight, it is the need of changing the way we look to improve our confidence or health, but it is such a slow process with no immediate visual results that affects our desire of a new ‘us’ and we quickly become disheartened. But there are other things we can change to have immediate results.

My New Year resolutions always involves something I can see immediately, this maybe as something as simple as re-organising my kitchen cupboards or having a big sort out of old clothes and shoes and ditching make-up that has clogged beyond all recognition. Or it could be something as drastic as selling a car and buying a completely different model and colour, or chucking in my notice at work and temping for a while before landing a better job.

Sometimes though, our change needs to involve our physical appearance and instead of weight loss we can start on a more immediate change…our wardrobe. I have already mentioned about clearing out old clothes but how about clearing out the lot and heading down to the high street to buy a whole new wardrobe? And not just for clothes that you would normally wear but a totally different look. I have stuck to a particular style my whole life and have more black clothes than coloureds so I could definitely make that a change. This contributes to the ‘new you’ and provides you with more enthusiasm and happiness to enter another year.

Unfortunately though, unless you’ve received a ton of money for Xmas, this new wardrobe is just as much a reality than a new body…but there is something else you can change that shouldn’t (depending on what you have done) cost a small fortune.

A New Hairstyle

A completely new hair-do is one of the best changes you can make to your appearance and it is more obvious than a new outfit, and even a significant drop in weight…and of course it is instant.


As mentioned in my previous post, I have had many trips to the hairdressers, resulting in some dramatic hair-styles, in fact it is very rare I go for just a ‘trim’, I like to exit feeling and looking very different. I have gone in with brown hair and come out with blonde, turned up with long locks and left with a bob, and I have even turned blonde hair into purple…okay that wasn’t one of my better decisions but it certainly made me feel different!

So if you want to make some resolutions this year, then make one or two of them ones that you can see immediately, even if it is just to change your hair-parting or, if you have long hair, practice doing different style braids like French, fishtail, dutch, milkmaid or upside down French braid.

Wanting to make a change needs a never ending supply of motivation, but seeing yourself differently helps to keep that spark alive and remembering why you wanted to change in the first place.

Bringing Hair To Life

Ever since I can remember, my hair has always been my best feature, although I have been told that my eyes are also a good part of me…but my hair, in its many colours over the years has always been one of the things I take pride in.

It all stems back to when I was about 9 years old that I began to care about my locks, and after I had successfully managed to tangle it in gum…and lots of it and because the gum had caused so much damage, I had to have it cut short…and I mean short…I looked like a boy. And I hated it with a vengeance.

I still have photos of that dreaded hair style and I remember the feeling of pure embarrassment when, the boy I had hots for saw me and laughed with his friends. I swore then that I would never have my hair cut that short again, and I never have.

My teen life was spent in the eighties which was a brilliant time for wild and big hair, and of course perm-after-perm; I’m still surprised that my hair never fell out from so many solutions but I was lucky; I had thick, strong strands and fortunately they could withstand the myriad of chemicals I put it through.


And of course leaving the house was no mere feat, not when you had to have your hair set and rigid to withstand a night out. For example, I had to allow three hours-at least-to get ready and half of that was for styling my hair. It would start off with a good wash before treating it with expensive, strengthening and repairing conditioner for a good time period, before towel drying and then coating it in serum, ‘volumizing’ mousse before spraying with curl boosters and leaving it to semi-dry naturally…but not too dry and then scrunch drying upside down with a hair-dryer. Once completely dry and looking like I had stuck my finger in a plug-socket, I would then flick my head back and spray with hair spray until the air was thickly coated, at which point I would have to run from the room and breath fresh oxygen into my lungs again. The final touch was gel spray and this had to be applied in a certain way so that my hair wouldn’t go too stiff but would be rigid enough to take on the outside air. This gel spray was always in my bag and topped up in bar toilets.

Nowadays, although my hair isn’t as wild and ‘big’, I still put it through some hammer by bleaching the roots every 3-4 months and using straightening irons to now obtain a flat and shiny look. I am no hairdresser and do not know one toner from another but I have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way, and thought my words of wisdom might come in handy for those of you wanting to achieve a certain look.

So, welcome to Air Separate and I hope you enjoy my blogs.